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4.9 - Local Ratings

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Christine Lang

Christine Lang


Excellent customer service and Greyson was exceptional, highly recommended.

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Danielle Nagy

Danielle Nagy


Hired Zeroez to remove paint from a carpet. The day of service , Shawn contact me to let me know he was on the way, was friendly, professional, and effective!

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Tiffany



They did a great job cleaning the carpets and communicated well. Very professional service and highly recommend. Thanks so much

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Janet Conner

Janet Conner


Excellent service, professional, polite, got everything out, leaving everything fresh and clean!! Love Zero Rez!!

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Bruce Riggins

Bruce Riggins


Grayson was on time, very professional, and thorough. We were lucky to have him assigned to clean our carpets and we will be specifically requesting him next time. Also, the estimate that we were offered when we booked the appt was exactly what we ended up paying - Grayson did not attempt to up sell us on stuff we didn't need.

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Jan Campbell

Jan Campbell


Excellent experience

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Jeanette Tucker

Jeanette Tucker


Biggest snow storm to hit the area all season but Zeroeez was in communication concerning servicing us. Jacob showed up very timely - was knowledgeable and considerate. He didn’t dink around but he did take time with all our carpet and furniture. With 2 dogs, 2 cats and 2 adults you just get dirty. I’m anxious to see how it looks when it is dry but so far I’m liking it a lot!

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Mychele Lepinsky

Mychele Lepinsky


Ryan was very professional, went over all areas first, recommendations, and price, and he was fast but very thorough and the carpets looked amazing when he was done! I would recommend Zerorez and request Ryan because he was so awesome at his job and took pride in what he was doing for me and my home!!!

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By AMBER SCHURADE



Great experience all around!

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Liz Phillips

Liz Phillips


Very nice job. Had a good knowledge of cleaning product and why so effective

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Judi Robinson

Judi Robinson


The technician was professional and did a great job Ryan Robinson

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Erin Simpson

Erin Simpson


Great experience as always using Zerorez!

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By David Weingarden

David Weingarden


Great service...highly recommend it.

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Joshua Reeser

Joshua Reeser


Quickly completed the cleaning, cleaned 2 chairs and a sectional sofa. Half the price of everyone else, and they fit me in within 2 days! Chairs and sofa look great!

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Jo Urfer

Jo Urfer


Jacob was very professional and knowledgeable. He answered all of our questions and communicated well before and after cleaning. The carpets look great.

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Andree Radzik

Andree Radzik


They did an excellent job! Didn’t try and up sell me! Friendly and professiona and I Highly recommend them.

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Jeff W

Jeff W


Just had my tile floors cleaned in the bathroom, living room, kitchen and laundry rooms. The grout is beautiful as is the tile. I’m am super impressed with the job that was done by one technician. My floors are cleaner than they have ever been. Thank you!

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Cassidy Orr

Cassidy Orr


Communicative, timely and affordable!

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Kathleen Packard

Kathleen Packard


Have been a customer for several years. After the Marshall fire I knew I needed someone reliable to remove all the ash and dust from my ducts and carpets. Excellent work as always

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Marnelle Leonard

Marnelle Leonard


The technician arrived on time and got to work quickly. He took care of our pet areas and thoroughly cleans all carpet. Bottom line, the carpet looks like new and our technicians was professional and personable!

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Alicia McCurdy

Alicia McCurdy


Love Zerorez! They did a thorough job on our carpet cleaning. The rep was very professional, helpful and timely with the whole visit. I highly recommend them!

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Juliana Dumansky

Juliana Dumansky


From the start when I called this company, a gentleman named Ryan answered and was very friendly and understanding of my situation. He was very accommodating and got me an appointment the following morning. The morning of the service, I was called 30 minutes prior to let me know that they were on their way and another call when they arrived. When the gentleman arrived, he looked over the area and was done quickly, while still doing an excellent job. He was very kind, answered all of my questions and concerns and was professional in that he wore booties and a mask. Overall, my experience and the quality of work was above and beyond my expectations. I would highly recommend this company to anyone. I will definitely be calling them back for regular yearly carpet cleanings. They were timely, effective, efficient, affordable and friendly!

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Elin Kinder

Elin Kinder


They did a great job. We are very pleased and will be happy to recommend them to othrts.

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Nia Barnett

Nia Barnett


Thank you so much! Excellent customer service and Ryan was prompt, professional, and friendly! I highly recommend this company!

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Leah Davis

Leah Davis


This was the first time I used this company, I had Ryan as my technician. He was kind, professional and did an excellent job with our carpets. I would absolutely recommend this company

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Victoria Pinney

Victoria Pinney


Friendly and professional service. I’m a repeat happy customer :)

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By P W



Wonderful service and Chris was very polite, informative, and a hard worker!

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Valerie Kennedy

Valerie Kennedy


Shawn was very thorough and paid lot of attention to detail. Carpet looks terrific!

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Richard Welch

Richard Welch


Excellent service would recommend

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By S W



They were on time and did a great job

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Jeannie Roberts

Jeannie Roberts


It was so easy to schedule and they were able to come sooner than I expected. Ryan was polite, professional, and did a great job!

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Steven Chetham

Steven Chetham


Jacob was great. Very professional. He did a great job. Would recommend.

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Julie Romero

Julie Romero


I liked how they were on time , and very responsive from the first time I called and had availability the next day! But there is a deal in Dec 3 areas for 133 I had a square area done for $114 and I feel more area could have been done or offered for the price. Other then that it was great.

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Leslie Todrzak

Leslie Todrzak


Such awesome service again!!! Patrick is very professional, and did super job! Great work ethic! I hope Patrick cleans my sectional on the return visit!

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Lauren Parsons

Lauren Parsons


Ryan was very professional and friendly. He was in and out in about 45 minutes and did a magnificent job on our carpets! I would definitely use this service again.

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Teresa Falagrady

Teresa Falagrady


They were prompt, professional and friendly. I felt very comfortable with the technician that cleaned my carpet. He did a very nice job and the carpet looks so much better. I am very happy with their work!

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Leah Giovanniello

Leah Giovanniello


Easy to schedule, friendly responsive employees, technician showed the in his work. Would definitely recommend and use again!

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Ruth Lenzen

Ruth Lenzen


Great job!

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By John Salas

John Salas


The tech did a great job with stains and stubborn dirt

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Cathy M

Cathy M


Payton did an awesome job! Very professional.

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Venky Swaminathan

Venky Swaminathan


Zerorez did a great job and was thorough in their cleaning.

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By David Roth

David Roth


Cleaned carpets before moving in, great job and timely.

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By John Terpstra

John Terpstra


I was very pleased with the professional approach and the effectiveness of the cleaning.

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Kevin Underell

Kevin Underell


Jacob did a great job. He explained the process to me, and then delivered on his service. So nice that zerorez does not use soaps. My carpet is nice and clean and it dried in half the time I expected. Definitely recommend.

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Zackery Hauptman

Zackery Hauptman


Chris did an amazing job getting the stains out of the carpet he was very knowledgeable on how his service and product does the job and does the job effectively well I will definitely use Zerorez in the future and recommend Zerorez to my friends

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Julianne Bawden

Julianne Bawden


Chris was a very detail oriented technician. Super pleased with his work, energy, listening skills, knowledge of carpets and the time he took to the work in my home. Reed, who booked the appointment was extraordinarily polite and positive-a delight to do business through. I’ve heard good things about Zerorez-they did not disappoint!!!!

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Karen Minniear

Karen Minniear


Professional and on time Service and carpets are clean clean clean, dried quickly with no outdoor or residue. I'm a new fan of zerorez!

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Nicole T

Nicole T


Ryan was professional and very nice. My carpet is super old and he got it so clean it looks amazing. All around great experience with this company.

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Patricia Roth

Patricia Roth


Chris was great, he did a wonderful job.

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Scott Jacobs

Scott Jacobs


They helped us out at the last minute. Jacob was very professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. And our carpets look and smell very clean!! No chemicals is well worth it! I will use Zerorez again!

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Sara Pearl

Sara Pearl


Jacob was so friendly and did such a great job. I didn’t feel judged for having “cat related issues” I felt supported and understood! I love how the carpets look, feel (and smell) and will absolutely use them again and again 😎

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Laci Dreiling

Laci Dreiling


So happy with how well our 22 year old carpet looks and feels so clean, without all the chemicals! Only carpet cleaning we will use!

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By jade savage

jade savage


The service was great! Very friend and professional. The clean was quick and efficient. We had my cream bench seat cleaned and it looks brand new! Definitely recommend using this company!

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Diane Murray

Diane Murray


Great! Right on time. Professional. Very pleased

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Linda Otis

Linda Otis


Jacob did a fabulous job. Very personable!

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Tanner Homa

Tanner Homa


Great job! Scooper nice guys! On a 1-10 I give a 10

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Jonathan Goff

Jonathan Goff


We just moved into a house where the previous owners had dogs. Zerorez did a good job, were early, and the whole process went very smoothly. I'm likely to use them again the next time we need the carpets cleaned.

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By TRACY KIRBY



We use Zerorez because of the cleaning method and very limited amount of chemicals used. They have always been professional and easy to work with. Happy with the job they did today. Repeat customer.

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Ben Chavez - CDLE

Ben Chavez - CDLE


Nice Tech that came out, super friendly and customer service was Outstanding. I would probably rate at 5 stars but I have to see how well the dirt came out first

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By kara rogers

kara rogers


Our technician was so thorough. We had some stubborn stains that two other carpet companies could not get out. After seeing our technician work on this stain, I will use them again. They were very professional and thorough. Thank you!!

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Tamara Laug

Tamara Laug


Ryan did a fantastic job. We have 2 big dogs that are very messy and Ryan took the time to get it clean

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Karen J

Karen J


First time using this company and I was very satisfied with both the results of the cleaning, as well as the professionalism of the technicians that did the work. After a not-great cleaning by the last company I used, I decided to give Zerorez a try. I am very glad I did, and will definitely use them again. My carpet looks fantastic.

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Loretta Hempstead

Loretta Hempstead


The young man did what I asked him to do and as it has been a few days it appears that he did a good job.

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Eric Weber

Eric Weber


Camille was on time and did a fantastic job…the carpets are spotless and look wonderful.

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Mark Benn

Mark Benn


They've done a great job every time I've had them clean the carpets where my 84 year old father apparently drops more food than he eats.

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Janelle Weyer

Janelle Weyer


Called before showing up and actually was able to get us in early. Explained process and cost as well as our expectations prior to starting work. Jacob was thorough and completed the job with minimal disruption/noise. Will hire again and recommend to others!

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By David Puth

David Puth


Service was on time and professional. Tech was personable and informative

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Laura Rossell

Laura Rossell


I experienced zerorez coming in today to clean the carpets in a home that I’m renting the technicians name was Nathan he was very prompt on time I have white carpets and three kids before he came I was afraid I was going to have to get new carpet he did an amazing job getting out any stains that I had tried to get out myself before with every product I can find on the market with zero results the carpets are now white again!😁 I saved money time and energy using this company the technician Nathan was very professional fast very nice and down to earth! Which makes a huge difference when allowing people into your home!! I would definitely recommend this service as it turned 20 year old stained dingy carpet looking practically brand new! Thanks Nathan and zerorez!!!

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Ann Pinney

Ann Pinney


The crew was so considerate of the animals and the rugs - carpet look fantastic!!

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Heidi Early

Heidi Early


Ryan notified me of his arrival time. He evaluated carpets for pet stains and recommended which rooms would benefit from bio-treatment. His approach and work were professional. Great service!

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Julie D

Julie D


Great job, professional, went the extra mile to get it done right. Second time to use this company and will again! Thanks

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Keith Jahnke

Keith Jahnke


I’ve used multiple times and am always satisfied. They do great work!

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Patsy Hogan

Patsy Hogan


This is the second time I have used this company to clean my carpet. Just like the first time, they were quick to get me on their schedule. They called prior to arrival and were on time. Both technicians were polite, courteous and made quick business of getting my carpet cleaned. Carpets smell and look great. Will use again next spring.

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Stacey Clow

Stacey Clow


The technician was right on time and did a terrific job. 30 day guarantee

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Samantha Deckrow

Samantha Deckrow


Grayson was totally professional and very communicative. He did a great job, and the carpets look and feel perfect!

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Michele McLoughlin

Michele McLoughlin


Technician was very prompt and amazingly quick. The carpet looks great!

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Crystal Rae

Crystal Rae


I left 5 stars as the guy who did the job was knowledgeable and helpful. This is my second time using zerorez though and haven’t been to happy with them a response to any messages would be cool

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Trish Shovlin

Trish Shovlin


Out technician Grayson, did an excellent job and was very pleasant and professional.We have a puppy, so as you can imagine, there have been many accidents while house training. Now our floors and couch look and smell so much better,!

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By David Cox

David Cox


Great job!!!!

Zerorez - 5 Star Review By Ally Sollars

Ally Sollars


Technician was quick, efficient and communicative. Highly recommend!